Yamaha Tracer 7GT review by Andy Bisson

I have always been a big fan of the Tracer 700, having owned one for a few years now, which I use for delivering lessons. We have also taken it away on tours and it has everything you need for every occasion. In my opinion, it’s one of the best if not the best, mid-range all-rounder bikes on the market.

I also had the pleasure of taking the Tracer 9GT out last September and I was very impressed with everything that it had to offer. So, what does the Tracer 7GT have that its predecessors don’t.

At first glance the styling has followed the 9GT with the change of seat, adjustable screen and USB and 12V charging points up front and the 5-inch TFT display. The twin headlights give it an aggressive sporty appearance which defines it within the sports tourer category.

The bodywork is smoother than previous models providing a modern and stylish look. It has slightly wider handlebars and a new seat which is very comfortable. It also comes as standard with 20-litre side panniers which complement the shape and design. The screen is higher and wider than previous models and is easily adjusted on the go with an easy-to-use adjustable handle.

It’s fitted with smartphone connectivity to link phone to Yamaha’s MyRide app via Bluetooth to be able to view call information, emails and messages on the screen. I didn’t actually get around to trying this and I’m not convinced it’s a great idea but I’m sure it will appeal to more people than not. The bit that does impress and interest me is that it can send data back to your phone to record routes taken, distance, acceleration, top speed and much more.

Having marveled at its beauty, it was time to head out and see what it had to offer. As with the previous model, its light and well balanced and so easy to ride. It purred in town in the traffic and its so well balanced that filtering is a breeze, even with the panniers on.

I headed out of town to test it out on the bends and pushed her through waterworks valley in a manner that left me grinning at how smooth, agile and well balanced she was. It really was like she was on tracks. It flipped from side to side with no effort at all and the new side tank pads improve the leg grip. It didn’t faulter in the bends which were pretty laden with wet and compressed leaves.

It popped between third and fourth gear without issue and handled everything that the valley and I could throw at it. I then headed into St Peters valley and out west and it continued to deliver a torque-rich power that encouraged me to just keep going. Its updated and larger front brake discs provided the stopping power that I needed at every situation.

To sum up, the Tracer remains in my opinion, the best all-rounder bike. From new riders to experience riders, for commuting to touring, it does it all and will satisfy all your needs. The new 7GT has just cemented that view with enhanced modifications and added extras. This really is the bike to demo and make space in the garage for. A massive amount of bike for the money.