Brands need to evolve to stay current, and in this realisation, INMOTION was born.


A new conversation

Historically, motorcycling has been a very masculine industry, with it being seen as an oily, greasy trade, with not much glamour. The percentage of female riders is slowly increasing, for both pleasure and commuting purposes, with the industry average being 20%. To ensure that our average beats that of the industry, we are committed to breaking the stereotype down and engaging in a new, open conversation.

Electric is the future

We believe that Jersey is the perfect island to use electric vehicles, and we can’t see an excuse for Jersey not to be fully green far before our neighbours are, especially with the likes of the tidal and wind power that surrounds our beautiful island. As soon as the technology arrives to the motorcycle industry, we will supply the island with an even-greater sustainable choice for transportation.


Meet the team

Peter Lucken

Aftersales Manager

Lorraine Skinner

Accounts Manager

Norman Riley

Parts & Accessories

Daniel Hegarty


Neil Cornick


Matheus Rômulo