Shark D-Skwal Helmet Blank Mat KMA – Matt Black


Visor: Max-Vision visor with pinlock
Integrated drop-down visor: Tinted
Closure: Micro-Ratchet

Key Features / Points:

Thermoplastic full face helmet with Maxvision Pinlock
“Autoseal” system for better sound, water and cold proofing
Sharktooth ready, anti-scratch visor, sun-visor and removable lining

The essence is the same, without the LED: Shark realised that the great features of the Skwal helmet had real potential, so that’s why they decided to develop the D-Skwal. Exactly the same helmet, just without the LEDs and a more than welcomed reduction in the price tag! What’s not to love?

See the road ahead: This D-Skwal helmet comes with an anti-scratch visor as well as a Maxvison Pinlock insert. The pinlock stops your visor steaming up and the Maxvision really gives you the widest view of the road. There’s even an integrated drop down visor for when the sun is at it’s lowest.Plenty of other features include: Thanks to the “Autoseal” system, the visor is flattened to the helmet to offer better soundproofing and keep out the wind and rain. It’s well ventilated and extremely stable thanks to the aerodynamic spoiler. The visor is quick release and there’s optimal comfort features for people wearing glasses. Just like many of the Shark helmets the D-Skwal is Sharktooth

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