Honda CB125F



The new engine boasts a massive 160+ mpg which will give you a whopping 455 miles between fill up’s!

The freshly styled new CB125F is 11kg’s lighter and now comes standard with a new LCD dash which includes gear indicator. It also comes with LED headlight, fly screen, linked brakes, centre stand and goes without saying the usual Honda build quality and reliability.

Bring your world to life as you pull back the throttle and set off through the streets. You’re fast. You’re nimble. You’re in total control. The smart acceleration from the punchy, single-cylinder engine fills you with an overwhelming sense of freedom. You can go anywhere, anytime. You never have to miss a moment. This is your key to the city. This is the new CB125F.

Learning to ride has never been so reliable, economical and affordable until now.

P/X welcome and finance can be arranged.

Learn more about the all new Honda CB125F here.

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