Honda CBR650R: Your Obsession

This is a bike for born competitors. Sculpted by high-speed aerodynamics the CBR650R – with suspension, equipment and style upgrades – is an ultra-sharp tool with focused, sporting intent, thrilling power, and exceptional torque. Discover a place without borders.

Born on the racetrack, turning heads on the street

The CBR650R has honed its racetrack DNA for aggressive road performance. The footpegs and handlebars give you the optimal riding position, for fluid movement around the machine, finding the perfect cornering balance as you tackle thrilling roads. The front tyre is beautifully weighted, for precise turn-in capability, while the 180-section rear has huge grip. Up front, piercing dual LED headlights fill out the tightly wrapped fairing, mirrored by the minimal seat unit and re-shaped, slimmer side panels. Even the rear number plate mount has been sharply re-styled. And, the electrifying roar of the exhaust, chasing the redline will make your hair stand on end.

A thrilling rush to the redline

It’s what Honda do. Four-cylinder power at its very best.
Let’s talk facts. With the CBR650R’s inline four-cylinder, DOHC 16-valve engine, you’ve got a cool 12,000rpm redline, 70kW and 64Nm to play with – that’s a whole load of playtime – and this bike leads the class with its power-to-weight ratio. But, there’s also an easy conversion available from Honda dealers to make it A2 licence friendly, just in case you’re starting out. An Assist/Slipper Clutch eases upshifts and manages hard down changes, while Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) maintains rear wheel traction, so you can focus on carving a perfect arc through turns. And, with no loss of performance, we’ve made the engine EURO5 specification thanks to detail changes in the collector box and muffler

Premium Equipment

High performance means high specification.
The CBR650R stands alone. A true, sporting middleweight it has the specification to match its single-minded intent. Lithe, agile and styled by speed dual LED headlights feature new reflectors, for an even more piercing stare, and lead the bike’s aggressive angles. Handlebars clip-in below the top-yoke, for complete control and the LCD instrument cluster is now even easier to read. And, because sometimes life will interfere with your riding, there’s now a USB charging socket under the seat.

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