Garmin Zumo XT

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The new GARMIN Zumo XT + Tread Base!

Get ready to roam the unknown with confidence no matter the trail.

Whether you plan on cruising up the lake district or ragging through unpaved trails, a Garmin is the only companion you’ll need.

The Zumo XT will give you unparalleled urban navigation alongside its competitive off road abilities, and for the more hardcore off-roaders the Tread will power through any and all power-sport conditions.

With group riding and live weather feed among many other features, the journey can be as easy (or difficult!) as you make it.

Whether your going to download the TET or barrel in blindly anywhere , a Garmin will get you everywhere!

Available in store right now via the sales team.

More information can be found by clicking these links: Zumo XT and Tread – Base Edition