BEST Providers – All Inclusive Escorted Motorcycle Tours.

BEST Providers – All Inclusive Escorted Motorcycle Tours.


Take the stress out of planning your trip and join us on our All-Inclusive guided tours.

What do we offer that others don’t?

Qualified advanced motorcycle trainers as your tour team who will offer support and advice to those looking to develop their riding style or new to riding abroad. We plan the trip to the finest of details ensuring that you get the most amazing experience. We choose some of the best biking roads in France, taking in stunning scenery and tranquil villages. We provide a relaxed and friendly atmospehere where your safety and well-being is a primary concern for us. We ride as a group throughout with a tour guide at the front and a safety officer bringing up the rear who remain in communication with each other throughout.

We sort everything for you, ensuring that your en-suite accomodation is booked and paid for in advance. We stop for a morning refreshment break, a relaxed lunch and an afternoon refreshment break, all of which are covered in the cost as is the evening meal. We have all our meals as a group so ideal if you are on your own and looking to meet new people.The only thing you pay for whilst away, is your fuel and entry to any sites you wish to visit.

We also carry all the bits we hope you never need (but have just in case) like puncture repair kit, jump start kit, fire extinguisher and first aid kit. All you need is a change of clothes and wash kit then turn up at the boat, relax and enjoy the open french roads with no responsibility.

We will be delivering several tours in 2023 and we have 3 tour locations to choose from:

  • Brittany and the Coast

A relaxed ride in Brittany countryside and along the beautiful coast to Perros Guirec before heading south along the coast to Carnac and then a scenic ride back towards St Malo.

  • Normandy and the Landing beaches

A relaxed ride from Brittany into Normandy with a taste of the landing beaches. We have several routes for this trip depending on how much of the landing beaches that you want to visit, but our stops are limited to taster sessions so that you still get plenty riding time.

  • Limoges and Oradour Sur Glane.

Travelling south along the Loire river to Saumur for a visit to the tank museum then continuing south to Oradour Sur Glane, the village destroyed on  the 10th June 1944 when the German SS massacred 643 civillians. The village remains today as a memorial to those that died. We then head back north towards St Malo.

At BEST Providers, we do everything for you so that you can get away and enjoy the freedom with the peace of mind that everything is covered. There is nothing greater than riding the stunning french roads, stress free and relaxed, knowing that everything has been done for you.

Our tours are 3 nights (£680) or 4 nights (£780) depending on the boat timings. This is per person with sole room occupancy. Reduction for those wishing to share a room. All our hotels have safe secure parking and Wifi. We also take photos on the trip and everyone receives a memory stick with all the photos including action ride shots.

Our tours are suitable for all riding experiences. We havent selected dates yet for 2023, so if you are interested, get in touch early with when you’d like to go and which tour you are interested in and you could help shape our Tour itinery for 2023 and get the dates and location you want.

E Mail us at or PM us via our BEST Providers face book page for more information.   

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Brittany & the Coast

Normandy and the Landing Beaches

Limoges and Oradour Sur Glane

Saumur Tank Museum