Always Original Parts

At Motorama, we believe in only supplying genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which are approved by the manufacturers.

Used motorcycle parts can be much cheaper, but they do not come with a warranty or a guarantee. They will have been taken from a motorcycle that is either no longer running or has been condemned, which comes with a great risk.

Aftermarket parts are also often mistaken for a cheap alternative to OEM parts, however they are manufactured by third parties and therefore they are not authorised by the manufacturer nor connected with the brand – they are just made to fit a specification. This means that there is a high risk of the product not being right for your bike. Most importantly is the safety aspect. The quality of some aftermarket parts may be sub standard, which compromises the riders safety (and everyone elses).

OEM parts are generally built in-house in the same factory where the bike was built itself. Some items, such as brakes, electronics and tyres) are subcontracted out, but if they are fitted to the bike when it leaves the factory, it is considered to be “original equipment.” They are expected to work reliably and fit your bike flawlessly, which gives you peace of mind for not just safety, but saves the worry of having to adjust, tune or replace parts. OEM parts also help to preserve the re-sale value of your bike.